Worldwide freight transport currently has a high detrimental impact on our planet so the need to be environmentally aware and responsible has never been more important.

We take the following steps in supporting this awareness:

Operating a paperless office policy to include:

  • All bookings received and stored electronically
  • Sending invoices by email where allowed and accepting supplier invoices in the same way
  • Store and send CMRs/PODs electronically
  • Using Fax to Email for sending and receiving
  • Using Euro 4 (and above) specification vehicles where possible
  • Offering rail freight solutions where available as an alternative to road
  • Office electrical items turned off when not in use
  • Energy efficient lighting used
  • Email footer asking whether you need to print the email
  • Recycling any paper waste such as incoming postal envelopes

We are always looking to add to this list and remain committed to being responsible business.